When you first come to the server, you will be a Guest. After playing for some time, around a week depending on how often you play, you will be promoted by Lostwave to Citizen-Newbie.

If you want to be promoted quicker, read all of our Rules and create an account on the forum and post a message in the Citizen Request forum. You can get citizen instantly if you do this.

If you are friendly and nice, build well, help others, and play well with others you will eventually be promoted. While you are a Guest, you will be watched closely by your Moderators and if you do nothing wrong you will get your promotion.

Guest commands include:

  1. /sethome <home> - Creates a new home at the location you are standing called <home>
  2. /delhome <home> - Deletes the home named <home>
  3. /home <home> - Teleports you to the home named <home>
  4. /help <pageno> - Shows you the list of commands. The optional <pageno> parameter will show you that particular page of help.
  5. /helpop <message> - Sends a <message> to all online [Moderator|Moderators]
  6. /kit tools - Spawns you some killer diamond tools.
  7. /list or /who - Shows a list of who is currently online.
  8. /motd - Shows you the Message of the Day. (or month really, its not updated that often).
  9. /rules - A basically useless command showing you some rules.
  10. /spawn - Takes you back to spawn. Much more useful than /suicide.
  11. /tpaccept - Accepts a teleport request made by someone else.
  12. /tpdeny - Denys a teleport request made by someone else.
  13. /warp <warpname> - Takes you to the [warps|warp] called <warpname>
  14. /town, /plot - Some Towny commands, please click the link to see more information.
  15. /res - Residence Commands. Please click the link for the reference.

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