Retired users are ex-Moderators. These are moderators who don't come on much anymore and therefore don't do their job enough and have been demoted. Most of these users didn't do anything wrong to be demoted to a lower Level but just aren't around enough anymore to keep their level. Retired users have the same permissions as a SuperBuilder.

  1. xRespawnTime
  2. Landon482
  3. musicmages
  4. Captain_Tnarg (Now called CaptainPyrite who is Moderator)
  5. mybawlz
  6. michael67777 (Banned)
  7. Klawth (Banned)
  8. nebhogan (Banned)

There is another Retired user, but his level is actually Asshole. Because that is what he is. He doesn't have any permissions. His name is Moosedishes

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