SuperBuilder is a level that gives creative mode and some other special permissions like:

  1. /GM, Creative Mode
  2. /Back, which allows them to return to their previous spot before they teleported.
  3. /Item <block> to spawn anything they want.
  4. /Jump, which allows them to teleport instantly to the spot where their crosshairs are.
  5. /top, teleports them to the highest point of the location they are standing, i.e. the roof.
  6. /tp, allows them to teleport to a user without asking permission.
  7. /tphere, allows them to teleport a user to them without asking permission.

To achieve the Superbuild level you must build things worthy of the superbuilder [Levels|level].

Some tips on superbuilder qualities look at Build Tips

Also, if you do build something incredible, the Moderators will find it. You don't need to say, hey man, come check out my pixel art. We are tired of coming to look at some crappy building. If its good we will find it, don't worry. Lostwave spends a lot of time looking at the World Map and will find your build if it is good enough. If he for whatever reason doesn't find it, someone else will. So please don't ask anyone to come see your build unless they ask you about it. Its annoying.

The superbuilder rank was originally called Superman and was created for xRespawnTime because he was so angry that nebhogan became Moderator. Then it was changed to Superbuilder because Lostwave decided that really great builders should have some special permissions. The idea came from watching FKae86 build some giant structures and fall down over and over again.

Our current Superbuilders are:

Previous Superbuilders that have been promoted are:

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